Customer feedback is important to us. We always ask for any comments from our training sessions; below are just a few we've received.

 "Always very informative. I always enjoy getting extra bits of useful information about “the person” from yourselves to enable myself and now my team to become more people focused, not only to help get to better root causations within investigations but also to be a better cultural place to work." 
"I and I believe the rest of the room were engrossed in the presentation and the information you were providing."
The Psychology of Incident Investigations 

"This was excellent and gave an alternate perspective to HSE, rather than focusing on regulatory and compliance"  
"This was the most interesting course I’ve attended in my 6 years with the company" 
"World class in my opinion" 
"Very appropriate for this day and age" 
"I did not feel that this course was targeted just at ‘safety’. The course was applicable to all areas of business" 
"I really like the perspective that Tony came from in teaching the WHY we are unsafe, and centering around people instead of processes" 
"It was very interesting to explore the Health and Safety at the workplace from a more psychological point of view" 
"I think it would be a benefit for all employees" 
"The course was pitched to give an understanding of the behavioural aspects of how to be a good leader"

Human Factors and Safety Leadership Excellence training sessions