Culture Measurement 

Going Beyond Perception Based Measures 

All large organisations have a wide range of micro- cultures across the organisation. These micro-cultures develop naturally and reflect the various levels of cultural maturity within the organisation. Therefore, understanding the maturity of each individual part of an organisation can be difficult, yet we cannot improve what we do not measure. 

Measuring culture and in particular measuring improvement in culture can be difficult, especially across diverse organisations. We have spent years looking at this issue and have developed a unique, evidence-based approach to cultural measurement. So rather than just looking at how people “feel” about the culture, we are able to provide a consistent measure of the culture from site to site, year on year. Helping our clients to understand the level of maturity of each individual site / division, which are improving, and which are not.

Measurement however should only be the first step. Once we know where we are, we can then put in place a clear plan for how over the next year we are going to improve, as culture development is achieved one step at a time, we just need to be clear what our next step is.

Roscoe Bizzell Model 2014