A Behavioural Expert as Part of Your Team

Having a behavioural specialist as part of your team could help you and your organisation to understand and change behaviour, measure culture, investigate incidents from a behavioural perspective, deliver programmes, mentor senior managers and so much more.

Rather than just working on specific projects, we offer our clients the opportunity to have one of us as part of their team, there to help as your expert in behaviour and culture management. 

This enables us to gain a greater understanding of the organisation, apply long-term solutions and have a meaningful and long-lasting impact on the culture of the organisation.

We would allocate a minimum of two days a month, to be on-site, wherever you need us, and we would be available to support the team outside of these two days.

We believe that Retained Consultancy enables us to develop a relationship with the staff of our client's organisation and it is that relationship that helps us to instigate real cultural change.

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